Medpacker medical donations should ideally be reusable, not too large and worth the weight to carry them in a backpack. On this page you can find a list of possible donations that you can search for, based on a survey sent to fellow medical students or graduates that have already been to the tropics. Keep in mind that these are examples – other types of medical donations that fit these criteria are always welcome. In terms of donors, think about contacting the hospitals or general practitioners you have had internships in, companies that produce medical equipment, and friends & family that might have the connections you need.

– Blood pressure meters (priority)
– Non-absorbable sutures (priority)

– Tourniquets
– Thermometers (rectal thermometers are currently present in our inventory in large amounts)
– Pulse-oximeters
– Surgery instruments (eg. Kocher clamps, curettes, forceps, retractors, cervix dilators, ENT-equipment)
– Vacuum extractors/kiwis
– Otoscopes and otoscope earpieces
– Medical clogs and clothes
– Rapid diagnostic tests (mainly for malaria)
– Suture kits
– Needles and infusion sets
– Ventilation masks and balloons
– All of the above, but pediatric-sized

This list will be updated with feedback from returning Medpackers.