Partnership with Medic Foundation


The Medic Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Medic’s team consists of about 90 volunteers, including several retired doctors, electro-technicians and mechanics who have affinity with global health. They gather medical equipment and repair or revise it if necessary. Health care projects focused on developing countries can apply for their revised equipment for a small fee that covers their expenses.

Medic largely works with larger medical equipment than we do, including echo equipment, operation lamps and tables, ECGs and microscopes. They also have a large selection of items that do match Medpacker’s focus, including small reusable operation instruments, thermometers and blood pressure meters.

As our aims and means partly overlap, Medpacker has formed a partnership with the Medic Foundation. The benefits of our partnership include:

  • If specific medical equipment is requested by a hospital connected to one of our members to which Medpacker itself does not have access  but the Medic Foundation does, a Medpacker member can apply for this item with priority. If the reason for the request is solid enough it may be donated by Medic without costs. This will be considered in a case-by-case matter, and this form of application is only meant for medical equipment that meets Medpacker’s focus (small, reusable medical equipment that can fit in a backpack).
  • Medpacker will help the Medic Foundation gain awareness of their project. Think of them when you are working in a developing country and you notice that equipment larger than Medpacker can handle is lacking.

Application for specific medical equipment can be done by sending an email to Together with your request and rationale, note that you are a member of Medpacker. Once you have reached an agreement, you can pick up the items at their (impressive) warehouse in Apeldoorn.

As a warm start of our partnership the Medic Foundation has kindly donated about a hundred thermometers to our initiative.