Experiences of a Refugee Camp in Lesbos

By Julia Tankink

View of the clinic in the Lesbos refugee camp

For my elective clinical rotation I chose to go to Lesbos, where I worked with Doc Mobile, an NGO which aims to provide primary care to refugees in the pitiful circumstances of the Greek refugee camps. Even though I went to a location within the borders of the European Union, on Lesbos there is still a deficit of medical professionals and supplies. Hence, I ended up arriving there with a suitcase stuffed full of a selection of Medpacker’s inventory.

A patient being treated in the clinic
The camp pharmacy








Once on Lesbos, the items were immediately stored in the mini-pharmacy and clinic and were already being put to use the very next day. I have never seen so directly how donations are so gratefully accepted and used. During my rotation, I saw firsthand how the bandages, plasters and diapers that I was able to bring thanks to Medpacker were able to make a difference. Thank you from me, and on behalf of DocMobile and their patients!

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