Collecting your own donations

Where to start?

Asking people for donations can feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but it can actually be really fun! To get you started, we have listed some tips for you to make it easier.

Start close

Start by asking people that you know who have a medical background. Are you a medical student? You probably know a few doctors who could help you get in touch with the right people. Your general practitioner is also a good person to ask. Does your friend’s mother work in a pharmacy? Give her a call! You have to start somewhere, and generally people are very happy to help you. You don’t have to start with the perfect person, so don’t be shy and just try! Also ask more than one person: not everyone will have the time or connections to help you, and that’s ok.

Mention Medpacker

If you are sending an email or contacting someone in another way, try to mention Medpacker. Sometimes people are hesitant to give things to someone they don’t really know, which is very easy to understand. Having an organisation like Medpacker back you up can really help in gaining trust, because we make sure the donations will get to a place where they can be put to good use. When people see you are part of an enthousiastic group, they will likely be more willing to help you.

Think big

Have you tried the people close to you, but do you want to do more? Think of big organisations: we have had donations from a big national bank in the past. Big organisations can quite easily spare a small amount of donations, and are often willing to help. However, you have to ask, and sometimes it will take a while to find the right person because there are so many! Don’t give up and dare to dream: if you don’t try you will never know!

Ask other Medpackers

Out of ideas? Ask other members! Medpacker has a monthly newsletter to members, which grants you access to the contact details of other members. You can also ask the board to put your request in the newsletter by mailing to A Medpacker closed community group is upcoming, facilitating contact between different members.

For specific requests: use our partnership with the Medic Foundation

Is there a certain piece of equipment that you and your colleague Medpackers really can’t find? In certain cases our partnership with the Medic Foundation can help out. For more information on how this partnership works and how you can make use of it, read this page.