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  • A Non-Medical Medpacker

    March 18th 2017, by Valerie Buijs

    Valerie_laptopI’ve been in Malawi now for more than two weeks, and it’s been great. I’ve been writing a research proposal practically on the beach of lake Malawi under a thached roof with a gentle breeze passing by. A large part of the day I am typing, occasionally flicking ants off my laptop, and when I have to think, I can stare at the lake, its islands and its boats. During my breaks I watch the local children play in the water and I make my boyfriend and fellow Medpacker Tom lunch when he comes down from the clinic. Sounds pretty great, right? But the beautiful location and presence of my boyfriend are not the only reasons I am having such a great time here. Medpacker is responsible for a large part of it, and …

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  • Tropical Medicine at Lake Malawi

    malawiblogjeanetteFebruary 26th 2017, by Tom Versteege

    Three weeks ago I flew to Malawi as both a medical student and a Medpacker member, to work in a small primary care clinic at the southern end of Lake Malawi. It is my first experience in practicing medicine in a developing country and also my first time in having to deal with supply shortages on a daily basis. Trying to provide good care with supply shortages and a difficult to impossible access to medical specialties such as surgery and radiology has been a challenge, but the ingenuity that is required of the doctors around me has delighted and inspired me. I’d like to share some of those experiences.

    malawiblogclinicTo start with some context: The Billy Riordan Memorial Clinic is located uphill from the shore of Lake Malawi, near to Chembe village and the …

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  • Medpacking in the warm heart of Africa

    January 27th 2017, by Tom VersteegeTomPredeparture2

    Upcoming Sunday I’ll be leaving The Netherlands for two months for a clinical internship at the Billy Riordan Memorial Clinic in Cape Maclear, Malawi. I’ll be going as a last year medical student to gain experience in tropical medicine, as I intend to work in developing countries after graduating. I’ll also be going as the first Medpacker member to take donations to a hospital that needs them.

    The Billy Riordan Memorial Clinic is a small clinic founded in 2004 by the Irish Mags Riordan. It provides primary medical care to the 15.000 inhabitants of the Cape Maclear area, and was the only source of modern medical care at the time. Ten years ago a small in-patient unit was added. The staff mainly consists of volunteer doctors, nurses and students, and the clinic is funded …