Board Members

Current board members include:

Cato Corsten (24) is a medical student with an interest in tropical medicine, global health and a passion for travelling. During an internship in Tanzania, Cato realised that she wanted to improve healthcare in low and middle income countries. Medpacker provided the perfect opportunity to fulfil this ambition. Within Medpacker, Cato is responsible for public and external relations.



Hanneke van der Spoel (24) is currently finishing her master’s degree in Health Law. Throughout her studies, Hanneke has become more familiar with the legal- and medical ethical issues that doctors face. She decided to join the Medpacker board to make a contribution to improving medical care in low- and middle- income countries. She is the (joint) contactperson for Medpackers and advises the Medpacker team on legal matters.



Ianthe de Jong (24) is a biomedical sciences graduate and is a medical (SUMMA) student. Ianthe joined Medpacker in April 2018. She endeavours to combine medical practice with clinical research and dreams of contributing to improving global health. As a Third Culture Kid (having lived in England, Brazil, South Africa and The United Arab Emirates), Ianthe is excited to continue crossing international borders and collaborating with medical professionals around the world. Within Medpacker, Ianthe is responsible for internal and external relations, as well as the publication of our newsletter.


Connie Rees (25) is a medical (SUMMA) student with a passion for global health and global health research. She joined Medpacker in April 2018, motivated to diminish global health disparities in an ethically conscious manner. After growing up in Japan and Russia and travelling extensively, Connie witnessed the stark contrast in access to healthcare that exists globally. Connie maintains and updates the Medpacker website.