About Us


tomTom Versteege (24yo) is best described as an impatient optimist. During his first few adult years he used his (scarce) spare time for organizing events, making music and travelling. When he entered the study track of SUMMA in 2013, Tom got the idea of combining his talents with his passion for medicare, in order to contribute something meaningful to the world. During the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal, Tom experienced how relatively small efforts can make big differences when existing networks are efficiently used. He then decided to implement this principle in a more structural way, and Medpacker was born. Accompanied by two of his close friends Tom now handles logistics, marketing and recruitment for Medpacker with such enthusiasm and aptness that optimism seems the only logical response.

valerieValerie Buijs (25yo) is the inspiring lady that every team needs. She is passionate about many things, of which during the last years especially travelling became apparent. Besides finishing her master’s degree in Molecular Biology, a logical follow-up on her life-long interest in this topic, she finds time to work on what might be her greatest devotion: people. Whether she works (voluntarily) with the elderly or organizes charity diners for philanthropic organizations all around the world; her joy is always contagious. Therefore, the role of social broker within Medpacker, focussing mainly on social media and fundraising, fits Valerie like a glove. And by the way: you should try her crème brûlée.

“Discovering the unknown” is one of the many mottos Kevin van den Berg (24yo) lives up to. His ongoing curiosity is reflected not only in his fervour for travelling, his amuck kevinreading and discussing of an abounding variety of science-related topics and his impressive study track (being board member of the Interdisciplinary Honours Programme at the University of Utrecht, Kevin finished the UU Business Course before he started SUMMA in 2014), but also in his remarkable set of extracurricular activities. He petted his soft side as a doll doctor in different hospitals, got hard on Big Pharma as a volunteer for UAEM, expanded his scientific experience as a toxicological researcher and somehow still found time to co-develop an online pharmacy. His tasks with Medpacker include marketing, acquisition and building and maintaining the website. His hands on attitude, sleeves rolled up, will serve as a motivation for all people involved with Medpacker.

Medpacker is also being supported by Marco Dijkstra (24yo), a student in Economics of Development, activist and writer, who helps us with all forms of communication. Jan Smout (24yo), a graduated biomedical scientist with a Master degree in Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology lends us a hand with PR, member aquisition and analysing surveys to help focus on what’s important.