A Medpacker in Malawi

By Karen Brokke

For my medical internship in obstetrics  I went to Malawi in March 2018. I spent 6 weeks working in a hospital in En Mtunthama near Lake Malawi. I had previously done similar internships in South Africa and Curacao, however Malawi was a completely new experience. Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries and has a lot of shortages and restrictions.



The most common disease I saw there was Malaria. Malaria is a terrible disease with severe consequences in pregnancy for both mother and child. Some complications that I witnessed whilst there were extreme anemia, preterm birth, seizures, brain damage and death. It was sometimes terrible to watch this and be able to do next to nothing. These experiences inspired me to get involved in fundraising to try and improve the situation. It was a great feeling that through the medical supplies I was able to bring through Medpacker, I could really make a difference.

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