What we believe

The keystone of Medpacker is our vast belief that every individual is able to perform meaningful deeds, and that by working together these achievements become more effective. We strongly believe that people on the ground know best what is needed and that objectives are best met through enhancing personal contact, maintaining short ties and making use of shared networks. Trust and reciprocity are base to Medpacker’s philosophy.

These beliefs become very visual when applied to medical students with an internship abroad or young doctors who wish to work in developing countries. Worldwide it is a peculiarity that a hospital possesses all the necessary equipment to grant their patients the medical care they need. Especially in the ‘Global South’ the deficiencies can include basic medical resources. On the other hand, many hospitals, especially in richer countries, have a surplus inventory. Experience taught us that, using their network, for medical students and young doctors it is relatively easy to get access to this medical equipment. What proved to be more difficult, is obtaining the specific goods a particular hospital is in need of. To help medical interns and young doctors distributing goods in a more meaningful way, we created Medpacker.

What we do

Medpacker is a platform where medical students with an internship abroad or young doctors who wish to work in developing countries can share their knowledge and swap the donations they gathered, in order to make distribution of medical aid as efficient as possible. Members organize their own internship or job, gather their own medical donations and assess what is needed on location. Medpacker collects the resources and displays the stock on this website. On the base of that, members that gathered medical equipment send us a proposal for an exchange of goods. In consultation, we try to find an allocation that both pays tribute to the needs of the specific hospital as to the amount of work a medical intern put into collecting donations. Members are welcomed to our depot, as soon as they and the volunteers of Medpacker agreed on a fair and meaningful distribution. A member then stuffs the medical equipment in a backpack and takes off to a hospital in a far-away country. After the internship or job we ask the students to write a short piece about their experience and the usefulness of the donations, so that, hopefully, others can read about how small efforts made a great difference.

Get involved

Are you a medical student that is planning an internship at a hospital where there is a need for basic medical equipment? Or are you a young doctor who is planning to work in a hospital that is in need of such equipment? Become a Medpacker! Create an account on this website and ask other Medpackers about their experiences. Tell your network about your plans, and ask for donations in the form of medical equipment. Send an e-mail to the supervisor on location to ask what the specific needs are within the clinic you are going to work at. Have a look at the stock-taking at this website and send us an e-mail with a request for the tools you want to bring to the hospital. Swap the donations you gathered with suited equipment from our platform. Lastly, pack your backpack and have a brilliant start of your time abroad!